Joining Eduroam Indonesia

For end users: This page is intended only for higher education/research institutions in Indonesia. If your institution does not provide eduroam service, you may ask your IT department to contact us so that your institution can provide you with eduroam roaming service.

For higher education/research institutions in Indonesia:
There are few requirements to be met before your institution can join eduroam Indonesia service:

  • You are only allowed to join eduroam Indonesia service if your wireless infrastructures at your institution have already used 802.1x WPA2 Enterprise authentication, in this case, you should have a running 802.1x Authentication based on your wireless controller / access points with RADIUS as the authentication backend system e.g. freeRadius or Windows NPS Server with EAP PEAP or EAP TTLS encryption
  • You need to¬†broadcast “eduroam” SSID on your home campus
  • Your institution must be part of higher education institution registered in DIKTI or research institution such as LIPI. Other institutions may apply but with sole discretion of eduroam Indonesia Roaming Operators.
  • Your institution should already connected to IdREN, however, it is not mandatory, but it’s good to be one
  • After your institution met above requirements, send an email requesting to join eduroam Indonesia to : Mukhammad Andri Setiawan – UII ( and cc to: Basuki Suhardiman – ITB (